The Blade Cue

The Object of the Blade Cue was to make it affordable for everyone without sacrificing on the quality of a traditional handmade or machine made cue. We also had a look at maintaining the strength durability ans a system was applied so the cue played like a traditional cue and that method of manufacturing did not interfere with this

So now for the Blade Cue facilitates all of these and much more.

Advantages of the Blade

Correct alignment each time

Helps eliminate guessing the line of every shot.

Following through becomes natural and encouraged every time.

Accurate ball striking.

Truer delivery when using a rest.

Greater visual understanding of common mistakes and fixing them yourself.

Fewer miscues

Learners progress faster.

For coaches this cue offers a unique way to show the student why or how their cue action is not working and to show the correct way and adjustments with each shot.

This cue has been tried and tested by the complete beginner to the seasoned professional and the results have shown this cue does everything we claim and more.

The cue started life as a coaching cue and has now been given the official status as a playing cue by World Snooker and other bodies.

For more details or purchase in Australia. Please contact Warren Ackary