‘Invested in Quality’

Using an RR Cue Case enables access into a world of possibilities.

RR Cue Cases is a luxury brand that allows players globally to display their pride, dedication and passion for cue sports whilst bringing peace of mind that their equipment is safely protected in quality.

RR Cue Cases’ innovative methods of craftsmanship has made waves in the industry and, having introduced the new standards of protection and quality, has warranted them the pride of being industry leaders.

“We know that our customers cue is an extension of their arm and, therefore, it is an irreplaceable treasure. This is why we create dependable, innovative, quality products to give peace of mind in cue care and protection.

We guarantee our customer’s cue is in the same condition when they take it out of their case from when they entrust it into one of our cases.” – Rob Reed, Founder RR Cue Cases

RR Cue Cases’ story began when founder Rob Reed created the first bespoke luxury leather case for his brother Dan. When professional player Dominic Dale saw the case, he was so astounded by the extraordinary craftmanship that he immediately placed an order.

Since then, RR Cue Cases have crafted cases for players and enthusiasts all around the world and have provided bespoke cases as awards for the ‘World Seniors Snooker’, ‘World Women’s Snooker’ and the ‘World Disability Billiards and Snooker’ tours.

RR Cue Cases are the industry leaders in luxury tailored cue cases and dedicate themselves to pioneering new cue cases for the player invested in quality.

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